Lavender Tea 

A comprehensive description on lavender tea, and its various health benefits, have been detailed in the following... The lavender plant is known to be a genus (defined as taxonomic group containing one or more species) that belongs to the mint family. There are about 39 species of flowering plants that are classified in this genus, which is thought to be originally endemic to the Asian region. The plant is usually 6 - 24 inches in length.
It is known for its leaves that wear a silvery-green shade, and more for its pretty flowers; tubular shaped and lavender,
violet or purple in color. Apart from its wide use as an ornamental plant, the lavender plant is popular for its health benefits in its tea form, which help in dealing with many kinds of ailments.

How To Prepare Lavender Tea


  • Get a package of lavender buds available in the market, that is meant for culinary use.
  • Now place the buds in a teapot, along with the tea bag of your choice. Usually, the recipe goes well with black tea or green tea. Now pour water and bring it to boil.
  • Thereafter, remove the pot from heat, and let the lavender and the tea bag steep for about 5 minutes.
  • Remove the tea bag, and drink it hot.

Alternatively, there's another way to go about this process. Get the lavender blossoms, and secure them with wax paper. Place a weight on top of the paper, and give it a wait for 2 days. When you take out the flowers, you would find that they have gone dry. Pluck away the flowers and crumble them into
pieces. And from here, you can follow the same steps as described above.



Lavender Tea Benefits


  • People who have trouble falling or staying asleep must have lavender tea on a daily basis.
  • The tea helps in the treatment of insomnia or sleeplessness.
  • One of the most important benefits of drinking lavender tea is stress reduction, and improvement of mood disorders to some extent The tea helps in reducing fever. This it does by increasing the body's temperature and helping it to perspire
  • If you are too nervous or anxious about something, and that is making you uncomfortable, then instead of sipping a cup of the 'no good' coffee, help yourself with some hot sips of the lavendertea. You can be certain that you would feel the difference.
  • Herbal teas have been a boon for treating digestive disorders like constipation, diarrhea, etc.    And lavender, which is a perennial herb, treat these disorders very well.
  • Ailments such as bowel infections, headaches, and flatulence, can also be improved with the help of this herbal tea
  • Lavender tea does not do good to the body only when it is taken orally, but topically as well.
  • Apply the tea to cuts, bruises and wounds, and you won't need any other medication to recover. It also works as an effective mouthwash
  • The tea acts a 'detoxifier', getting rid of toxins from the blood, digestive and urinary tract. And one of the benefits of this process is a healthy, clear and glowing skin.

And to conclude, symptoms of cold, influenza or fever can also be dealt with, by drinking the tea every
now and then in a day. The antioxidants in the tea boost the immune system and help the body
recover faster.

Written by: Rajib Singha for