Cocoa Butter Benefits

Cocoa butter or coco butter, has the property of melting at body temperature and thus, there are many cocoa butter benefits for the skin. Also, when taken internally, it has many health benefits too. So, let us look at the uses and benefits of this butter.
The butter of cocoa is yellowish colored, pure edible vegetable fat, which is obtained from the cacao bean. Cacao or Theobroma cacao or simply called cocoa, is an evergreen plant. There are pods on the plant which contain plenty of seeds, and each seed contains 40-50% amount of the cocoa butter. It is used to make many foodstuffs and cosmetics.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Skin

Cocoa butter in its purest form looks like solid cubes of pale or ivory colored fat. You can buy it at the health stores in its pure form, or use its sticks or lotions for skin care. It is also used in making of dark chocolate.
Skin Moisturizing: Cocoa butter is used in many skin care products, as it is rich in fat, and when it is used on face or other body parts, it greatly moisturizes the skin. It also makes the skin soft and is easily absorbed by the skin. It allows the moisturize to pass through the skin, without blocking any air. It has a nice light aroma, like chocolate, and thus is a common ingredient in many body care lotions and moisturizers. It has a soothing aroma, and relieves stress and helps to relax when used for massage.
Skin Disorders: As cocoa butter is readily absorbed by skin, and has strong antioxidant properties, when it is used on skin, it protects the skin from harmful environmental elements. It is also used to treat and prevent stretch marks, as it keeps the skin protected and hydrated. It is also helpful for alleviating symptoms of skin disorders like eczema and dermatitis. The strong antioxidants also give this body butter a long shelf life, thus it is one of the most stable vegetable fats, and can be stored for two to five years.
Antioxidant Benefits: The antioxidants in the butter act like scavengers against harmful free radicals present in the body. These free radicals harm the living body cells, and so dark chocolates are considered to be very good for health. These antioxidants are present in the form of flavonoids which protect the arteries and heart from the damaging effects of free radicals.
Pharmaceutical Products: Cocoa butter is used to make pharmaceutical products which help to relieve from arthritis and used for making products which help in preventing heart diseases.
Making Chocolate: It is also used to manufacture chocolate, including milk and dark chocolate, and it gives the chocolate a smooth melting texture. Due to its long shelf life, it is used to make cocoa powder.
Effect on Cholesterol: It has a neutral effect on cholesterol. As, it contains fat which is good and not harmful, and so it doesn't have any harmful effect on the cholesterol in the blood.
Cancer Prevention: High quality chocolates containing cocoa butter, contain a chemical called Pentamer. This chemical is supposed to help in prevention of cancer.
Mood Lifting: Ever wondered, why people, when they are sad eat chocolates? It is because cocoa butter in chocolates helps to raise the levels of chemicals called serotonin and endorphin in the brain which improve the mood.
The benefits of cocoa butter are more proven for skin and thus, it is used in so many cosmetic products. You can use it in the form of sticks, lotion, bars, creams, etc. and eat the many dark chocolate varieties containing this butter to enjoy its health benefits!

Written by: Pragya T for