Oregano Benefits

The benefits of Oregano are many; one of them is the anti bacterial qualities of the oil of oregano, which we all know about. This plant is a native of Europe but nowadays, it is cultivated world wide. Read on for more on the benefits of oregano.
This Mediterranean herb is used extensively in cooking, for its aroma and flavor. It belongs to the mint family. Oregano oil is extracted from the leaves of the variant Origanum Vulgare while in cooking, the common herb Origanum Marjoram is used. There are many benefits, hence this herb finds its way in many remedies for indigestion, diarrhea and more. The oregano variant which is used for cooking has many vital vitamins and minerals. One of the most nutritious parts of oregano is its fiber, which is known to prevent the growth of cancer cells. This herb grows to about 20-80cm tall in the wild and has purple flowers. Many sub species of oregano are grown across the globe and are widely used in Italian and Latin American cuisines.

Oregano Health Benefits

Oregano is known for its aroma and flavor and is used in many food preservatives. Also, oregano benefits health in many ways. The leaves of oregano plant are being used for digestive problems since many centuries. Oregano is a staple content when it comes to alternative medicine and is used in many concoctions. Some of the medical uses of oregano can be seen in the treatment of cancer and heart diseases. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of oregano herb.


Thymol and rosmainic acid are some of the chief constituents of the oregano herb; these help harness free radicals and thereby prevent cell damage. The antioxidant qualities of oregano are more potent than some of the commonly known fruits like apples. The high levels of flavonoids and phenolic acids present in this herb also add to its antioxidant nature. Oregano is not just an antioxidant but also has great antimicrobial characteristics which makes it a good food preservative.


The antibacterial qualities of the oregano were discovered by the Greeks. They used Oregano oil to treat skin diseases. Adding a drop of oregano oil to your toothpaste will help you protect your teeth against plaque. The antibacterial nature of this herb helps you protect yourself from urinary tract infections and cholera. Some of the other problems like skin infections and food poisoning can also be dealt with, with the help of this herb from the mint family.


The oregano oil uses extend to antifungal treatment. Oregano oil is used to treat some skin and nail fungal infections. A mix of coconut oil and oregano oil is used to treat skin infections and the other cosmetic application is the use of oregano oil for acne treatment. The use of oregano oil externally and internally is effective against fungal infections which are responsible for many dangerous communicable diseases. Some of the other medicinal uses of oregano include its use in the treatment of arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. It is also a good antiseptic agent due to the high levels of thymol acid and is widely used to treat external wounds and cuts. Oregano oil is also used to treat cold and sore throat and this ancient remedy is very effective in dealing with sinus problems too. The health benefits of oregano oil are far-reaching and this herb is medicinally used since the time of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Oregano benefits have been realized by many cultures like the Greeks and the Italians and they have made this herb a part of their cuisine.

Written by: Indrajit Deshmukh for Buzzle.com