Apricot Health Benefits

Apricots are related to peaches and plums and are highly nutritious. Read on for a brief overview about the health benefits of these fruits.

Prunus Armeniaca is the scientific name for the small yellowish-orange fruit, which we know as apricot. An apricot has a pit inside it which contains a kernel. Apricot kernel oil is extracted by pressing this kernel. It is pure and natural and has many skin care and hair care properties. Here are some of its benefits, for the skin as well as the hair.


Nourishes the Skin
Apricot kernel oil contains ingredients such as essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, and oleic acid. It is rich in vitamins too, especially, vitamin E and vitamin A. All these ingredients make the oil, an excellent skin moisturizer. Regular application of this oil can make the skin smooth and supple. Dry skin, mature skin and skin which is irritated because of excessive sun exposure, can be treated by applying apricot kernel oil directly or using products such as lotions, balms and cream, which have this as an ingredient.

Soothes Irritated Skin
Apricot kernel oil is a natural oil and hence, is very mild. Because of the presence of linoleic acid and oleic acid, it has anti-inflammation properties too. Thus, it is extremely beneficial for an acne-prone and sensitive skin, as it can be soothed by its regular application. To treat acne, make a mixture of apricot oil, lavender oil and tea-tree oil and apply it on the acne-affected area.

Has Carrier Oil Properties
It is also an excellent massage oil. It has all the properties of carrier oils, i.e., it helps in spreading the oils or mixtures it is put in, evenly on the skin. It is easy for the skin to absorb this oil too. Because of these properties, it is used in aromatherapy mixtures. It is also mixed with other oils before massages so that the skin can absorb the massage oils in a better way.

Makes the Hair Healthy
It helps in making the hair soft and shiny. It moisturizes and nourishes the hair root as well as the hair. Regular application of organic apricot kernel oil is known to promote hair growth too.

Procedure to use Apricot Kernel Oil

For the Hair
First of all, you will have to heat the oil. Make sure that it is not too hot, otherwise it can burn your scalp. Next, take a small quantity in your palm and using your fingertips, massage the hot oil, gently into your hair and scalp. Continue massaging for about ten minutes. Leave the oil on the hair overnight and wash with shampoo in the morning.

A simpler method to use this oil for hair is to add a few drops of the oil in your conditioner and then apply it on your head, post shampooing. If you have dry, frizzy hair, this will make your hair shiny and easy to manage.

For the Skin
To moisturize your skin, you can take a small amount of the oil in your palm, and apply it to your face gently. If you want to use it as a massage oil, you can add other ingredients such as almond oil and olive oil to it and then massage your face with it. Apricot kernel oil will help in proper absorption of the oils in the skin and thus, make it healthy. You can also add a few drops of the oil to your bath, it will sooth the skin on your entire body, and also relax you.

As you can see, apricot kernel oil has great utility, and keeps our skin and hair in good shape. Simply rubbing the oil on your body as well as hair, is enough to get a healthy glow.


Are you suffering from dry, patchy skin? Does application to oil leaves your skin greasy and sticky? If such is the state of your skin problem as well, then exploring the benefits of apricot kernel oil will help. Apricot kernel oil, educed from the kernels of apricot fruit, is a rich source of essential vitamins that works wonders for your skin and health. This sweet smelling, light oil comes with goodness of vitamins and has won high-esteem among the beauty circles, for its wonderful beauty properties. Apricot kernel oil is extensively used in body massages, beauty treatments, and medicines. What more, it is edible too and can be used to flavor your salads and dips! Apricot kernel oil is cold pressed to obtain the maximum nutritional potency out of it. Studies show that regular application of apricot kernel oil slows down aging, gives a boost to your skin health and improves complexion. It is also used to treat skin disorders and health complications, like cold and cough. Get to explore more on the health and beauty benefits of this wonderful oil right here. Read on to learn more.
Nutritional Value Of Apricot Kernel Oil
Amount of Apricot Kernel: 1 cup
Total Weight of Apricot Kernel: 218 g


Basic Components
580 mg
Total Calories
Calories From Fat
Fats & Fatty Acids
Total Fat
218 g
Saturated Fat
13.7 g
Monounsaturated Fat
131 g
Polyunsaturated Fat
63.9 g
Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids
63872 mg
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)
8.7 mg


Nutrition & Health Benefits Of Apricot Kernel Oil 
  • Dry, itchy, flecked skin can be absolutely annoying, especially if you are living with it day in and day out. Over exposure to sun, wind and even age seems to deplete your skin of its natural moisture. Apricot kernel oil is loaded with goodness of ingredients like essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, oleic acid and the very potent vitamin E that is known to boost your skin health and wipe out all signs of dryness. Just try using apricot kernel oil right away on the affected areas for a smooth, supple skin. You can even bet on the many balms, lotions and creams that come packed with the goodness of apricot kernel oil.
  • Does acne and ugly red marks make you run for a cover every time you bump into the crowd? Well, almost all of us face unexplained skin woes in our daily life. Apricot kernel oil is mild on skin, and is especially safe for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Linoleic acid and oleic acid are excellent anti-inflammatory properties that are extremely soothing for inflamed skin. Combine apricot oil, lavender oil and tea-tree oil and dab it over your acne for a speckless, smooth skin.
  • If you wish to have spa like indulgence at home, apricot kernel oil is indeed a self-indulgence you wouldn’t like to say a ‘no’ to. It is light and can be absorbed easily and is excellent for your skin too. Apricot kernel oil is widely used in aroma therapy to treat stress and boost skin health.
  • Boost your mane health with apricot kernel oil. The rich properties of apricot kernel oil serve as a great nourishing agent for your hair health. It also promotes hair growth. Regular application of apricot kernel oil is sure to leave you with soft, glossy tresses.
  • Pamper your hands and feet to the potent benefits of apricot kernel oil. Most often we restrict our skin care to our face, happily ignoring our hands and feet. Our hands and feet are the most exposed parts of ourselves and hence are prone to dryness. The rich moisturizing benefit of apricot kernel oil can be used to massage your hand and feet just after a shower, to ensure they look great and in health for years on.
  • Apricot kernel is extremely helpful for treating skin conditions like dermatitis and eczema. It is also extensively used for treating respiratory-related illness like coughs, bronchitis and asthma, purely because of its therapeutic bliss. It also works great as laxative.
  • Take a healthy bite of goodness of apricot kernel oil, by adding a dash of it to your favorite salad. Use apricot kernel oil as your salad dressing and enjoy the bliss of health and beautiful skin.


Apricots are fruits with a golden skin and velvety texture. They are roughly round in shape and are smaller in size, as compared to peaches. Even though sweet in taste, these fruits have a tartness too. Apricots have stony pits, from which apricot kernel oil is extracted. Apricot tree (Prunus armeniaca) can grow to a maximum height of thirteen meters. The fruits develop during early spring and are mostly harvested during early summer. These fruits are highly nutritious and have various health benefits.

Apricot Nutrition

Apples, bananas and oranges are the most common and popular fruits. Most of us tend to buy the same fruits, every time we visit the supermarket. There is a wide range of other fruits that can offer similar or higher nutrition, as compared to these fruits. One such fruit is apricot, which has a high nutritional value. This fruit is rich in most of the essential nutrients, especially, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium and potassium. An apricot with a weight of around 40 grams, amount to 17 calories and contain 4 grams carbohydrates, 0.5 grams protein, 3 grams sugar, 1 gram dietary fiber, no cholesterol and 1 gram fat. The vitamin A content is 914.20 IU and the amount of beta carotene is 544.95 mcg. It has 3 mcg folate and 1.2 mcg vitamin K. It has high levels of potassium, i.e. 104 mg and also contains 3 mg of magnesium and 7 mg phosphorous. Apart from the above mentioned nutrients, apricots have high levels of lycopene too.

Health Benefits

Apricots are available in both fresh and dried forms. While dried apricots are available throughout the year, fresh ones are seasonal. Both are nutritious and offer various health benefits. Dried apricot health benefits are said to be more as compared to the fresh form of this fruit. Unlike the fresh ones, the nutrients in dried apricots are concentrated. However, the dried ones are high in calories and may sometimes cause some reactions, due to the preservatives used in them. Mentioned below are the health benefits of eating apricots.
  • Being rich in dietary fiber, apricots are often recommended for smooth bowel movements in people suffering from constipation. Apart from that, this fruit aids in digestion and for destroying intestinal worms.
  • The high levels of beta carotene in apricots is beneficial for the health of eyes, especially, in preventing macular degeneration. Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from many other health problems, like Alzheimer's disease.
  • Apricots are rich in other antioxidants like vitamin C and lycopene. These antioxidants can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and heart diseases.
  • They are also used for treating anemia. This is because of the high levels of some minerals like iron and copper, that help in the production of hemoglobin.
  • Apricot health benefits include its use in relieving symptoms of diseases like asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis.
  • Apricot oil is found to be effective in skin care. Apart from making the skin shiny and smooth, apricot oil is also used in treating scabies and eczema. Apricot oil is also said to be good for ear pain.
So, enjoy this fruit, and at the same time, reap their health benefits. However, never indulge in overconsumption of this fruit, as it may sometimes cause stomach upset.

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