Benefits of Grapefruit Peel

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit that has been used for many years to aid in weight loss. However, many people do not realize there are many health benefits they can derive from grapefruit peel as well. You can use grapefruit peel either fresh or dried for many different things that you would not even consider. Grapefruit peel contains pectin, an ingredient that is known to lower cholesterol. Grapefruit peel also contains fiber which adds to its healthy qualities. You can also use grapefruit peel to flavor soft drinks, candy, jams and tea. The consumption of pectin will allow you to maintain a healthy cholesterol level while you also lower your caloric intake.

You can use grapefruit peel to make extracts and essential oils which are then used to make body scrubs and lotions. The grapefruit peel extracts in the scrubs and lotions have aromatherapy benefits. For instance, the scent from grapefruit can have a calming effect for adults and children. Grapefruit peel also has the ability to boost the immune system as well as helping maintain good skin tone. Both of these are good reasons why you will find grapefruit peel in fragrances and beauty products.

The calming effects of grapefruit peel make it beneficial for treating digestive and bladder problems. Many people also use it as a diuretic. There are many different ways a person can use grapefruit peel for various health problems without having to see a doctor for prescription medication. This often overlooked part of the grapefruit can provide the most important health benefits. The problem is many people think of grapefruit peel in a negative way, perhaps because we were taught early in life not to eat the peel of any fruit. In addition, most people think of grapefruit peel as something you just throw away when you finish eating the fruit unless you plan to use it for cooking.

Grapefruit peel can be very beneficial for both consumption and in personal care products. You can eat grate the peel and use it on salads or to flavor any other food you might be eating. Grapefruit peel makes a healthy spice that you can use alone or in combination with other spices including lemon or orange peel. Use your imagination and create a new spice by adding grapefruit peel to other herbs and spices you have in your kitchen--you will not only improve the flavor, but you will create a healthier taste as well.

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